Your Life Binder – Alternative Vision Board

If you have heard of a vision board, then you are already familiar with my Life Binder.

Maybe you have your act together; you’re healthy, fit, have a great job, a wonderful family and everything you ever dreamed. Odds are this is not you. If it was, you probably wouldn’t be here, reading this. You probably have some area of your life that is not living up to expectation.

I know I’m a little lost at this point in my life. I love my family, but my health is a disaster and my career is definitely in transition. So now what?

What am I supposed to do when I don’t know what I want?

Most of us want more from our lives than what we have. Sometimes we know exactly what we want, but usually not. Sometimes we just know that something is missing. After a lot of reading and research, I have started developing the tool that is working for me.

I have been using a Life Binder. A bit like a combination between a vision board and a to do list, my Life Binder gives me the visual cues I need to work out my desires, while still giving me a place to develop an action plan to get me there. The other advantage is that it is portable, allowing me to work on it anywhere.

So, what is a Life Binder? It is a file of all of my hopes and dreams. It is a record of all the parts of my life that I treasure most. I use it as a tool to work through the gaps in my life; to try to figure out what I’m looking for. I use it as a brainstorming tool and a device to work through a plan. And as a place to keep track of my plans for the future.

The best part of my Life Binder is that it can be anything I like. I have a binder that I play with, I cut out images, I use markers and washi tape to make it interesting and I compliment it with an online to do list to keep track of the details as I define them. I am all about the visuals, so I make sure my binder is as colorful and interesting as I can, so that it inspires me and compels me to visit time and again.

You can use a binder, an online note app, a computer document or pull out the markers and put it on a poster board. Whatever motivates you. The important part is not how you choose to capture it, the most important thing is that you do.

Whatever your beliefs, capturing your goals and making them tangible will get you closer to them. That’s why this exercise is so important. Especially, if like me, you are still figuring out who you want to be when you grow up.

There is nothing wrong with going with the flow. With seeing where like takes you. But, when you are not sure of where you want to go, it is difficult to create a plan to get there. Eventually, most of us want more: travel, career, health, family, time. Few of us realize all of our dreams effortlessly.

One day you wake up and want more. Whether you are 16 or 60, there is always room for more in our lives. Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out what we want and how to get there. It can be a very unsettling feeling.

Use this tool to brainstorm those things you want from life, to help you fill-in all of those blanks. Then use it to help you create a plan, a road-map to your dreams. It is daunting to figure out how to get there from here. Taking time to think about you is the only way to do it. Then you can create a plan.

Lastly, let it be your touchstone; checking in on your dreams regularly and keeping them on your radar will help you get there. Make sure you never lose sight of your dreams.

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