What’s in a Household Binder?

What do you need in your household binder, your shared brain, the contract for your outsourcers?

Key House Printables. Family Printables.

Everything that your family needs in order to function efficiently. All of the checklists, schedules and to do lists that you need to keep everything in your home running smoothly.

Here is a sample of some of what’s in mine and why:

A.  References from the Family Calendar

We have a family calendar both written and digital (more on that later), but in the binder, we keep the invitations and announcements to be sure we can find the details when we need them. It sucks to remember the party, but forget the address and phone number.

B. House

  1. A standard house maintenance checklist
    I tried the digital apps for this, but inevitably got the reminders at the worst possible time, dismissed them and then forgot all about it. I’ve found a list worked better for me.
  2. House projects wish list
    I have a section for things I would like to do around the house. More in a later post on how not to let this become a monster.
  3. Spring Cleaning” Checklist
    A list of all the little things you and your family need to do once or twice a year to keep your stuff from taking over.

C. Stuff

  1. Household Inventory
    Keep receipts as they come in the house for insurance and warranty purposes.
  2. Car Maintenance Schedule & Checklist
    I mark this stuff on my calendar, but this reminds me.
  3. Insurance Key Information
    I always figure in an emergency my cell phone and my binder are going out with me first, and my kid of course.
  4. Coupons
    I put dates on my calendar for special deals I care about, so I don’t forget to use them in time.
  5. Items on Loan to/Borrowed from Friends and Family
    So embarrassing to forget to return a friends (Fill in you faux pas here.)

D. Outsourcers

  1. Household Help List – Contact list
    These are all the people I can’t live without. I keep them in my cell phone too, but I’ve had more than one occasion to need it handy to others.
  2. Handyman list
    A running list of stuff that’s driving me nuts.
  3. House Cleaners Lists
    Check out my Outsourcing – Housecleaning series for background on this.
    · Regular Housecleaning Checklist
    · Occasional Housecleaning Checklist
    · Laundry Guide
  4. House Sitters Information Sheet – Nuff Said
  5. Babysitter Information sheet – Ditto

E. Mealtime

  1. Folder of Delivery Menus
    Some nights you just have no choice
  2. Meal Planning
    My daughter helps with this, so I keep Menu Plan Forms & a Favorite Meals List for her to use. Although they help me too. Otherwise I find we eat the same meals week after week until we can’t stand it any more.
  3. Grocery List
    I love a list where I can just check stuff off, and not have to think anymore of it. Otherwise, I never seem to think of toilet paper until it is too late.
  4. Food Storage Guidelines
    No more sniff tests for me!

F. Kids

  1. Childcare Planner
    List of days for which I need to plan activities. Usually the school send this home at the beginning of the year, and then I can just scratch days off as I book stuff. Unless you have your child in 12 month care, in which case, lucky you.
  2. School/Camp Checklists
    The lists that come home about what to pack, etc…
  3. Kids Contact List
    Maintained by my daughter and I, her list of friends, addresses, phone numbers and parents

G. Parents

I have an aging parent living with me, formerly two. When my mom wasn’t well, everyone looked to my dad and I for this stuff, and I was so glad she and I had written it all down. I have this for me too, and when I have to see a new doctor I take it with me; it’s a lot faster.

  1. Caregivers Contact and Schedule
  2. List of Medications
  3. Doctors Contact List
  4. Medical History summary
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