Choosing a Get Well Gift

Choosing a gift for someone in the hospital or who is at home recuperating is difficult. Flowers are impractical; their water has to be changed; they die and smell bad; they are not uplifting for long. Food is a no-no if they are on a restricted diet. And personal hygiene items need to be low scent if they can be used at all. When you are recuperating you have to be picky about products.

If you know the person well, then you can pick out a really great personal gift. But most of the time it is not that easy; you do not know what they want or what they need. They might not know themselves, so they tell you that they don’t want anything. Where does that leave you?

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We have assembled gift bags with some very handy and practical items for your loved one who is recuperating. Some are full of toiletries and personal items for the hospital, others with entertainment to keep them busy while they rest. They are all collections of practical, necessary items for rest and recuperation both in the hospital and at home.

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We have a curated list of gift suggestions from around the internet for every circumstance. There is something for every gender, age and interest. These gifts are unique, practical and often beautiful. We try to focus on beautiful handmade items, unique wellness devices and/or practical items for recuperation.

Select A Personal Gift

If you know the person well then you select a gift that could only be for them, that could only come from you.

  • A homemade meal delivered to their house once they are home/better; this is perfect for someone with a family to look after. Make it yourself, or contract a meal service.
  • A house cleaner to give their house a thorough cleaning before they come home or while they are recuperating, just make sure the timing will work for them.
  • A book by a favorite author, an album by their favorite artist, or DVD or Blu-ray of a beloved movie or series works very well if you know the person well enough to know what they like.

Give a DIY Gift

  • Think of loaning them something you love, there is nothing wrong with dropping off a box of DVDs or magazines at their home for them to use for a few days. Just do not make them feel obligated to use them; although they are more than likely to find a thing or two they can enjoy among your best loved items.
  • Personal coupons are great for a close friend. Write them yourself: pick their kids up from school one day, bring takeout and have a gab, take them to a doctors appointment, think of a few nice things you could do for them and put them in a card.
  • Make a gift basket with all of their favorite things. Just make sure they are appropriate to the circumstances.

Spend Some Time

The best gift you can give is your time. Visit, call or drop a line. Let them know you are thinking about them; raise their spirits or make them laugh. The best gift I ever received was from a friend who gave me cards for every day I was to be in the hospital, each one managed to cheer me up. I looked forward to it every morning with my breakfast.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Regardless of what you choose, remember it’s the thought that counts, especially in this case. Rest and recuperation can be depressing at times and knowing that someone cares is the greatest gift.