Kids, parents & spouse – you take care of a lot. Tools and suggestions to make managing it all much easier. Trackers and tips for planning holidays & vacations, childcare, elder care and everything else.


Not Your Typical Mommy Blog

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No, we are not your typical mommy blog. This site helps working moms cope. And working dads too; we don’t discriminate.

My husband and I have juggled our family with demanding jobs that give us little flexibility. We have both worked 50-70 hour weeks, not including the commute, while caring for a child, aging parents, each other, and our home, in that order. I am over 40 and I am very proud of my resume; I have earned it through blood, sweat and tears; I am not looking for “a way out”.

Simple & Practical

feature, working mom, sticky post, schoolbusI am not here to show you how to make beautiful 7-course dinners, nor will I show you how to flawlessly decorate your house on a shoestring budget. I will show you how to survive, hopefully with your sanity intact and your relationships still standing.

I will tell you how to find balance as a working mom. Yes, it does exist. It is that brief moment when you feel that you are enough. These moments are fleeting, but I will tell you how to have more of them.

Our child is not unusual, but she is very self-sufficient. I will not tell you how to parent (glass houses my friends), but I can help you engage your child in the household chores, to take the load off you. Access the lists and guides to get your kids helping with dinner, laundry and cleaning as soon as they are capable.

We have tips that help our aging parents keep up their independence while allowing us to help them in the little time available.


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I have helped care for my family since I was twelve, as did my mother before me, and hers before her. This site is full of guides and templates to help you stay afloat, physically and mentally. They are based on practical, battle-scarred habits that have survived three generations of working moms in my family. We have thrived despite crazy-busy lives and you can too.


Mostly you will find TIME and PEACE of mind.

Family Matters with busy kids, aging parents and more.

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