Wellness is surviving doctors, hospitals, recuperation and rehabilitation. It is keeping up your spirits. Guidance for you and for your family and friends who want to help. No fad diets or marathon training plans. Just the essentials.

Be prepared

wellness, hospital, surgery, doctorYou need to know what you are facing. The maze of doctors and hospitals and surgery is confusing and overwhelming. The road back from injury is hard. I’ve survived 16 surgeries, a number of injuries and more hospital stays than I like to think about. I will share all of those experiences. What worked and what didn’t. And what I’ve learned.

There are tools out there to help, and I will help you find them. You will be able to walk your path with your eyes open, with some idea what to expect.

Stay positive

wellness, doctor, medication, recuperationThis site is all about feeling better.Wellness is about more than body, your state of mind has everything to do with it. Being happy and feeling good (relatively of course) is too important to take for granted or to give up on.

If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that attitude is everything. No matter how bleak things seem, we all choose how we approach our lives and how we cope with difficulties.

I have tricks and tips I use to keep myself positive and optimistic through my darkest days. And there is no magic to it. Which means you can do it to.I will share the stories of others who inspire me. I believe that in sharing our success we can inspire each other to continue and to make the most of what we have been given.

Keep Going

wellness, bedrest, recuperation

I have run across some amazing people, who have overcome heartbreak and illness to live wonderful and meaningful lives. I have also seen people give up. It is so important that you choose to keep fighting.

It is all about the long game. I am going to get as much out of my life as possible, and you should too. In this site you will be able to access what I have learned about making your recuperation easier. And about what tools and tricks will keep you going when you feel down and at your weakest.

If you have a story of overcoming and surmounting your health obstacles, we would love to hear it as well.

Support your loved ones

It is hard to know what to say or do when someone you love is going through this. I have accompanied my child, my husband and my parents on their journeys through health care, with varying results. It is hard to be a caregiver, sometimes even harder than being cared for. You can help someone you love get through their journey. I have lots of suggestions on how to help a loved one navigate their recuperation. And some great gift ideas.

Wellness and healing. Hospitals, doctors and recuperation. Advice from a voice of experience

Reclaiming Your Home

Everywhere you look are ghosts. They are memories best not remembered, at least now, while they are still raw. They hit you when you are least expecting them, taking your breath away. It is time to reclaim your home. After any emotional trauma you need to make peace with yourself, …

Designing a Bedroom for Rest & Recuperation

If you walk into your bedroom right now, does it make you want to crawl in to bed and read a book? Or does it remind you to do the laundry? Can you even get to your bed? Your sleep and rest space is probably the most important room in …

Your Happy List – Staying Positive During Recuperation

When things in my life get a little dark, working on my Happy List keeps me going, even on my worst day. It is  my source of inspiration and motivation. It goes everywhere with me; is the source of my positive attitude and gets me out of bed in the …

Visit A Sick Friend

What do you do when you visit a sick friend? When your friend or loved one is sick or injured, either at the hospital or at home, visiting is important. But it can be awkward and uncomfortable. Rest and recuperation can be depressing. Once you’ve marathon watched a few series …

Making a Temporary Wheelchair Comfortable

If you are in a wheelchair most or all the time, hopefully it is customized and tricked out for your needs. But if it is only for a month or two there is no way most of us will go to that effort or expense. So what are the interim …

Taking Someone To The Doctor

If have an intimidating medical appointment, it is always wise to take a loved one. When you are in pain or worried, you miss stuff. You forget details. You start thinking about the ramifications of one statement and miss the next 3. Having a backup with you is great because …

Resilience is the Secret to Your Happiness

Ever wonder how people can go through hell and bounce back to do amazing things with their life? Ever wonder if you could do the same? The answer is a resounding YES! What you are witnessing is resilience, and you are not born with it, you learn it. What is Resiliency? …

3 Important Lessons From A Great Doctor

Dr. Salter was my orthopedic surgeon, and a very special man. He set my expectations for what it means to be a patient, and what it should mean to be a doctor. It probably seems strange to love and admire a man I barely knew, but many of his patients …

Demystifying The Pain Scale

Ever go to the hospital and they ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10? That is an example of the pain scale at work. This is common practice throughout the medical community to assess pain in patients. There is a lot of debate among practitioners about …

What I Didn’t Know About Pain Until It Was Gone

Everyone has heard the analogy of the frog in boiling water. I don’t know how true it is, but I use it a lot. Especially to describe chronic pain. If you drop a frog in boiling water, he will jump out because it feels hot, but if you put him in …