Wellness is surviving doctors, hospitals, recuperation and rehabilitation. It is keeping up your spirits. Guidance for you and for your family and friends who want to help. No fad diets or marathon training plans. Just the essentials.

This site is all about feeling better. Being happy and feeling good (relatively of course) is too important to take for granted or to give up on.

I have accompanied my child, my husband and my parents on their journeys through health care, with varying results. It is hard to be a caregiver, and it can be even harder to stay positive.

Wellness is about more than body

If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that attitude is everything. No matter how bleak things seem, we all choose how we approach our lives and how we cope with difficulties.

I have run across some amazing people, who have overcome heartbreak and illness to live wonderful and meaningful lives. I have also seen people give up.

It is so important that you choose to keep fighting. I do, every day when necessary.

It is all about the long game. I am going to get as much out of my life as possible.

In this site you will be able to access what I have learned from my own experience and from others.

  • What to expect at the hospital.
  • How to make your recuperation easier.
  • Helping a loved one navigate their recuperation.
  • Visiting an ailing friend and choosing a get well gift.
  • What health aids are helpful and which ones are a waste of money.
  • How to stay inspired and maintain your optimism when it gets hard.

Wellness is also state of mind

I will share the stories of others who inspire me. I believe that in sharing our success we can inspire each other to continue and to make the most of what we have been given.

If you have a story of overcoming and surmounting your health obstacles, we would love to hear it as well.

Wellness and healing. Hospitals, doctors and recuperation. Advice from a voice of experience

Things to Do During Bed Rest & Recuperation

Bed rest and recuperation is boring So what are you going to do about it? Seen every television show and movie you ever wanted to see? You have read everything you wanted to read, at least for now?Sick of all things passive? Thought that story would be uplifting, but then …

My Inspiration

I found my inspiration at 11 years old. Everything I did before that time led me to there, but I never was really conscious of it until then. I was born with severe congenital bilateral hip dysplasia, in other words, no hip sockets.  As a result, I had almost 10 surgeries …

Surgery – Common Questions and Fears

Surgery can be daunting. We all get scared, even if we’ve been through it before. Getting some advance information and preparing yourself will make it easier. Based on my research, these are the most common questions and fears that people have. I hope that eventually I will be able to …

Surgery – Overcoming Embarrassment

One major battle when one is recuperating from surgery is to overcome embarrassment. People create an enormous amount of stress for themselves by keeping their worries a secret. To get best advice, you need to be able to be completely honest and open with your doctors, your nurses and your …

After Surgery – Discharge Day

After surgery and healing, there is freedom. My favorite hospital day is always discharge day. Typically I know it is coming ahead of time. They will usually tell me I can go home the following day provided certain criteria is met. When I had my hip replacements, I had to be …

After Surgery – Hospital Routine

Odds are that your first day in your hospital room is a blur. You don’t get there until halfway through the day and you are pretty out of it, so your first real taste of hospital life is likely your first morning. Rule 1: Sleep is Constantly Interrupted This is …

After Surgery – Hospital Room

So here you are, in your hospital room, your new home for the next few days. Lets take a tour, shall we? Your Bed The hospital bed is a wonderful thing. I find it easier to get comfortable using all the buttons to get into position. I usually ask for …

Surgery Day – Recovery Room

Wake Up! I have a very predictable and unusual reaction to anesthetic, so I can’t tell you how you will feel when you wake up after surgery. I always wake up suddenly and am very lucid and freezing cold. Once I am warm and have my little morphine button, I …

Surgery Day – Operating Room

My last post about the check-in was a little dry, so I will try to spice this one up a little. So there we are all sitting around in hospital gowns, waiting to be called for surgery. Some of us are already dragging around IV poles, wearing stupid paper booties …

Surgery Day – Administration of Anesthesia

Administration of the anesthetic varies based on the type of anesthetic. Knowing what anesthetics will be used gives you a good idea what to expect. This is all based on personal experience, so you should discuss the process with your anesthetist to understand what to expect in your case. If you are afraid, …