Where’s My Stuff?

Where’s My Stuff?

Most of us have too much stuff, I think we can agree. Keeping it under control, in good condition and where you can find it is an ongoing challenge. Whether you are downsizing, organizing or just maintaining, these guides and templates can help.

Who says you are the only person who can look after your stuff. Some of these chores can be delegated to others if you provide enough background. Use these printables to get help with

Come back again soon, as we are always working to add to the toolkit. Here are some examples of future tools:

  • Daily Clutter Busters Checklist
  • Digital Clutter Buster Guide
  • Kids Clutter Busters Checklists
  • Labeling Checklist
  • Seasonal Turnover Checklist


Use samples from my home to save you time or help you create your own.

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Get That Load Off Your Back

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From Chaos to Organized in One Day

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