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Maintaining a home is a lot of work. Get house maintenance checklists and calendars. Make the day-to-day of your home easier with meal planners and family dinner ideas, laundry shortcuts and decluttering checklists.

A wealth of knowledge

feature, working mom, sticky post, upside down homeI have been cooking and cleaning for my family since I was 12. The daughter of a career woman and a military man, we all had to help out. I cleaned houses and airplanes to support a gap year. I know how much work it is and how it feels to be on that end of the relationship.

Then I learned the other side. I have been paying others to do the cleaning and other services since I started my career. For 20 years I have been engaging companies and individuals for everything from cleaning and cooking to research and personal care.

I have amassed a wealth of templates, tools and guides that have helped me navigate over the years. Here, I will share them and my experience with you.

Necessity Demands Innovation

clutter organizationWhen I was a child, my doctor warned me that most housecleaning would be too hard on my hips and back. It took me 10 years of it to realize he was right and to make other arrangements A decade later, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when my husband and I were painting the walls of our first house. I was warned not to spend too much time on my feet.

I had to learn another way. In the last 10 years, our family got bigger and so did the house. I wouldn’t have survived without learning how to engage others and use household help.

You will learn what I learned, to outsource your chores without feeling guilty. Find out how to have helpers in your home without being uncomfortable. Leverage instruction guides that will walk others through chores to be done on your behalf, so that you don’t have to organize them yourself.

Affordable Options

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Later, when I was bedridden, I engaged help with things others have never considered. My creativity and organization enabled us to leverage all sorts of resources in ways no one ever imagined. Learn how to do the same to gain more time for the better things in life, without breaking the bank.

We are not rich, nor poor. Like you, we are somewhere in between. We make a decent living, but it is never enough for everything we want, and, like all parents, we worry about having enough for the future. I have some suggestions that might help.

And when you’ve learned all of this, you will get the greatest gift.

Time and Peace of Mind

House and home. Practical guides to avoid and reduce housework and keep your home organized.

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Managing Your Household Checklists

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