The SWEETman Life is all about change.

That means adapting your lifestyle. And to improve things to make time for what’s important. This area is for career, self-improvement and lifestyle.

Work Life Balance

I am in the throes of a mid-life crisis. I hope that what I learn along the way will lead me to a better place, one with more satisfaction. Get more from your life; explore who you are, what you want and who you want to be. I am going to share every book and tool I find that helps.

Productivity and Time Management

Making things better often starts with finding more time, being more productive, and finding short cuts. This category is filled with better time management and life hacks.


The Meaning of Life

I don’t know what all will land in this section, but it will be a cornucopia of experiences and tools. Hopefully some of these fun things will inspire you as well.






Find Mid-Career Satisfaction

You want more? You’re smart and capable, but not fulfilled? You feel you could be doing more? Enjoying life more? There is a pattern emerging among many seasoned professionals. They are rewriting the definition of success. Many of the people I know are walking away from successful careers to write …

Your Life Binder – Next Steps

Check out my Life Binder Printables   Next Steps By now hopefully you have your version of a Life Binder and have begun to create a mental and physical picture of your future. I know I have. All I have completed so far is my health & fitness, my job and …

How to Have a Midlife Crisis

I am having a midlife crisis. At 40 I had it all: child, partner, important job and house full of stuff, and I had never been so miserable. For many this may sound familiar, but why anybody would get a younger girlfriend or boyfriend at this point is beyond me; …

Your Life Binder – How To Start

Check out my Life Binder Printables   Your Life Binder is a road-map of your life. It is a tool to achieving your life goals. It can take whatever form works best for you, although I do have some templates here to help if you like. Start Anywhere You can approach …

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

This is a question everyone asks us when we are little, but somewhere along the way they stop. But why? And should we? Life change is essential to our long-term happiness. Sometimes companies ask you in an interview, or during an annual appraisal, but they don’t really want to know; …

Your Life Binder – Alternative Vision Board

If you have heard of a vision board, then you are already familiar with my Life Binder. Maybe you have your act together; you’re healthy, fit, have a great job, a wonderful family and everything you ever dreamed. Odds are this is not you. If it was, you probably wouldn’t …