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School, camp, dance, karate, friends, homework and field trips; does it ever end? Not until they grow up, by which point we will be looking back on it all fondly. But right now, it’s chaos. Stop missing early-bird discounts and other great opportunities. Planning ahead with kids makes everything easier and some of it cheaper. So very worth it.

Can kids be organized? It probably depends on the child, but they can learn independence and self sufficiency. You can help them learn to plan and organize; it will help them function as adults when they need to do it for themselves and their own families. It will be a valuable tool for them at school and then professionally as well.

Use these printables, guides and projects to make your life, and theirs, easier.

There are no kids stuff printables available yet, but there will be very soon. Look for these coming soon:

Organizing Kids Printables and Templates

  • Camp Planner
  • Activity Planner
  • Babysitter Information sheet
  • Childcare Planner
  • Activities Planner
  • Kids Contact List
  • Caregivers Schedule
  • Emergency Backups for Pickup
  • Emergency Contacts Sheet

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