Enjoy Life

Make It All Yours

If you are starting out or changing direction mid-course, you need a tool to help you find your way. I know I do. These printables won’t tell you who you are, but they will document your journey. Use them in a way that inspires you to keep moving forward.

Defining your life vision is always a challenge. Whether life is almost perfect or you are in the middle of finding yourself, these printables will help you create a life binder to help you articulate all of your dreams and desires. Download these PDFs to help you build your Life Binder. Don’t forget to check out some of my posts to help you make use of the templates.


Life Binder Title Page

These pages will provide some visuals to help introduce the binder and to inspire you to define your life vision.

Goal Category Worksheets

These worksheets will help you define and articulate plans to get you closer to your life vision. The only worksheet you absolutely need is Step 1.  After that you can limit yourself to the number of steps that allow you to move forward to your vision. Each adds a level of detail. Stay high level, or work down to a to do list, your choice.

Sample Category Worksheets

I have provided the career section from my binder to show you how the templates work.

How To Posts

Check out my posts to see how it works.

Coming Soon:

  • Goal Brainstorming Pages (for those of us who are still figuring it all out)
  • Personal Style Inventory