Concierge Services

concierge service

I would love to use my experience to improve your life. Contact me to engage personal concierge services for your needs.

1. Let me help: With your recuperation

I have been stuck in bed for months, learned to walk again, lived in  a wheelchair and prepared for surgery and to come home again. Let me help you get yourself prepared, or keep you moving forward if you think about giving up. I would love to help you find your way through the storm.

2. Let me help: With your loved ones recuperation

I can help you with research into services and service providers in their neighborhood. Or with gift ideas and services appropriate to their needs. 

3. Let me help: With your family 

I have lived the corporate 10 hour workday, the 3 hour daily commute and the daycare pickup routine. I know it’s hard and there’s never enough time in the day. So let me help you practice what I preach with customized checklists and forms. Or research into children’s activities or eldercare providers.

4. Let me help: With your home

I can apply my years of experience researching outsourcers in your community, and help you find the assistance you need. Or provide custom checklists and maintenance calendars for your home. Even develop a recipe book for your housekeeper.

5. Let me help: With your needs

You tell me. What do you need? I am here to serve. Tell me how I can best do that for you.


Tell me how I can help you: